Monday, June 1, 2009

Bermuda Adds Second Mega Pier.

April saw the opening of Bermuda's second mega pier located at the West End, Royal Naval Dockyard. The new pier will enable Bermuda to handle 2 large mega liners simultaneously.

Prior to the introduction of the second pier, larger ships were forced to share the single pier. Ships would need to coordinate their time spent in Bermuda or anchor in the Grassy Bay and ferry passengers in.

Modest size ships could still dock either at St. George or Hamilton, but due to channel limitations, larger ships could not enter these ports.

The Norwegian Spirit, which is currently sailing 7 day cruises to Bermuda from Boston, was the first ship to inaugurate the new pier.

In addition, the Bermuda government made infrastructure improvements, including improved roads, public transportation and hubs to improve access to/from the facility.

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