Monday, November 12, 2012

Potential Use for Older Ships

Proposed Alternate Use for Old Cruise Ships
Proposed Alternate Use for Old Cruise Ships

It now appears that a number of offshore software development firms are looking for available cruise ships to convert into offhsore dormitory and office facilities.

The plan anticipates anchoring cruise ships off the West Coast of the US in international waters - just far enough from US immigration and legalistrative control. The software development companies would hire hire developers from third world counties to perform the work. They would be housed 3-4 per cabin dependioong on the size of the cabin.

Once per month, the ship would pull into Mexico for supplies, fuel and the transfer of staff off and on the ship.

The cruise ships would be owned by 3rd party who would lease out space much like an office buildin - with many companies operating from a single ship.

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