Thursday, November 1, 2012

After Years of Silence the America World City Project is Back in the Press.

America World City Project
America World City Project

After years of silcence and thought to be dead, the America World City project resurfaced in The Marine Reporter and Engineering News Magazine. The full page ad, is meant as a call to action for readers to reach out to congress and politicians to urge for the funding of the project.

Although the project has been discussed under a number of different solutions, the main concept remains the same - create a large, state of the art cruise ship, which from the exterior resembles more of a hotel than cruise ship. The project was first started 20+ years ago by Norwegian Cruise Line's founder Knut Kloster. At the time, the ship was to be constructed in Europe, flagged in the US and employ US citizens.

Later versions of the project included having the ship built in the US in pieces and to have the peices assembled in a US gulf port shipyard. Unfortunately the entire project, over the years, has been based on the United States MARAD funding the project. The MARAD has gone through budget cuts over the years and no longer has the funding to support the project, plus the bankruptcy and loan default by  American Classic Voyages in early 2000 left a bad taste in their mouth.

The most current 1 page ad  was triggered by a MARAD ruling on May 9th, 2012 in which MARAD announced a new policy prohibiting the fuinancing of overnight passenger ships in the United  States.

It is a very interesting and intriguing project - to learn more visit

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