Friday, December 30, 2011

Costa Cruises' Costa Deliziosa Embarks on World Cruise

For the first time in 17 years, a Costa ship is undertaking a world cruise. Costa Deliziosa is departed Savona Italy on Wednesday 12/28 for a voyage that will visit 37 ports in five continents during 100 days.

The circumnavigation, which sold out months ago, will carry 2,300 passengers from around the globe. More than half are Italians and Germans, and numerous French and Spaniards will be aboard as well.

Bon voyage festivities in and around the Savona Palacrociere are planned. The terminal and port will be festooned with decorations related to the countries that are charted on the voyage, and a brass band is scheduled to play during embarkation. More than 12,000 white handkerchiefs with the Costa logo will be handed out on the decks of Costa Deliziosa and the two other Costa ships moored at the Palacrociere, and to people shoreside.

Actors dressed like Christopher Columbus and Queen Elizabeth will welcome the passengers, and the ship's central Lido area will stage a party with Neptune, the god of the seas, and past world cruisers appointed as ‘Senators of the Sea.’ The festivities will culminate with the presentation of the ‘Angels of the Sea’ played by 20 young guests who will signal start of the cruise.

Theme parties, celebrations, shows and special events will be offered during segments of the voyage.

The first, the 28-day Christopher Columbus segment, stretches from Savona to France and Spain, across the Atlantic to Madeira, the Antilles, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Panama Canal, Mexico and California’s San Diego and Los Angeles. The second segment is named for James Cook and includes San Francisco, Hawaii, Samoa, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. The third and final Marco Polo segment features the Orient, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and the Red Sea.

Among the 250 optional excursions are adventures like a helicopter flyover of the Grand Canyon, a visit to the casinos of Las Vegas, Polynesian dancing in Honolulu, the Pinnacles Desert of Perth and Ayers Rock.
Costa Deliziosa is also scheduled for a second world cruise in 2013, departing from Savona on Jan. 6 and returning on April 16.

During 2012, two other long voyages will operate when Costa Victoria sails a 72-day odyssey from Brazil to China and Costa neoRomantica plys a 107-day journey from Savona to New Zealand. Costa Victoria departs Santos on March 7, and Costa neoRomantica leaves Savona on Sept. 19.


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