Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Great American Steamboat Company Prepares for April 2012 Debut

Great American Steamboat Company is preparing for the introduction of their first steamboat - the American Queen.

The ship, which previously sailed as the American Queen for the Delta Queen Steamboat Company, will sail her maiden voyage for the Great American Steamboat Company on April 13, 2012. During the 2012 season, the ship will visit 35 towns and city along the Mississippi River and its tributaries.

The 436 passenger, American Queen, is currently undergoing a $6 Million dollar refit which will include an overhaul of her engines and waste systems. Even though other select enhancements will be made, the ship is said to be in remarkably good shape and was well maintained during her 3.5 years of layup. Prior to sailing for GASC, the American Queen sailed for Majestic America Line before their demise in 2008.

The ship still has her steam engines and a steam powered Calliope.

The American Queen offers balcony, outside and inside accommodations. The American Queen also has 9 single cabins available at a premium.

Entertainment onboard will be destination oriented, including Live Jazz music, Dixieland music, historians and showboat style entertainment.

The ship will also have a wellness director and yoga classes, in addition to 20 mountain bikes for guests to use in port.

The GASC will have a fleet of motorcoaches (made to look like steamboats) that will follow the ship from port too port.

The J.M White Dining Room will serve three meals a day and beer and wine are complimentary with dinner. Soft drinks and bottled water are free at all times.

The cruise will feature a Jazz brunch, afternoon tea and midnight snack.


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