Monday, October 3, 2011

Compagnie Du Ponant Orders New Luxury Mega-Yacht - 3rd New Ship in 4 Years. FOUR YEARS

September 2011 – The world’s only French-flagged cruise line and “Five-star Expedition” specialist Compagnie du Ponant has ordered another “latest generation” yacht with 132 staterooms and suites from the Italian Fincantieri shipyard. The yet-to-be-named new ship will be joining sister ships Le Boréal and L’Austral, launched in May 2010 and April 2011 respectively, and will also comply with the “Cleanship” label enjoyed by Le Boréal and L’Austral. The new vessel is expected to join the fleet by June 2013. The fleet currently comprises five French-flagged yachts: Le Ponant, 32 staterooms; Le Levant, 45 staterooms; Le Diamant, 113 staterooms and suites; and Le Boréal and L’Austral, both with 132 staterooms and suites.

The order continues the growth of Compagnie du Ponant as a leader in luxury cruising, confirming its investment strategy, exclusive positioning, development on the international scene and the strength of its presence on the world cruise market. By the end of 2011, Compagnie du Ponant expects its growth to exceed the 20,000 passenger per year threshold, with turnover estimated at €80 M.

The recent addition of the two cruise yachts to the fleet, Le Boréal and L’Austral, clearly represent Compagnie du Ponant’s dual focus on luxury travel and environmental consciousness while still allowing for a multitude of top-of-the-line amenities. The “clean ship” label was awarded based on the numerous eco-friendly features: dynamic-positioning, advanced waste water treatment, reduced fuel consumption and emissions, and underwater detection system. This dual focus business model has won over loyal clients as well as attracting many new ones as one in two guests in 2011 is a new customer for Compagnie du Ponant, while one in four is going on a cruise holiday for the first time. Customer satisfaction levels (4.5 out of 5) and the high rate of positive recommendations to friends and family (97% of passengers), recognizes the hard work by the company’s enthusiastic personnel.

“For Compagnie du Ponant this order is another step towards the future that validates an effective business model, a good and successful bet,” says Chief Executive Officer, Jean-Emmanuel Sauvée.

Compagnie du Ponant’s shareholders share this enthusiasm and are showing ongoing confidence in the company’s successful business model and the crews and land-based teams by investing in this new ship. Having led the project to build the two previous yachts with such flair, the Fincantieri shipyard has again been entrusted with the third ship. French designer Jean-Philippe Nuel will be responsible for the sophisticated modern interior which has contributed so much to the success of Le Boréal and L’Austral.

“In keeping with our concept of cruising, we are again favoring the intimate, friendly environment of a well-designed mega-yacht sized ship, ensuring our passengers receive individual attention and personalized “tailor-made” service in an outstanding environment,” concludes Véronique Saadé, Deputy Executive Vice-President.

o Investment: €100 M o 4.7 meter draft

o Delivery date: June 2013 o Ice certification:1C

o 142 m in length o 264 passengers

o 18 m beam o 140 members of crew

o 6 decks (including 1 sun deck) o 16 knots (cruising speed)

o 132 staterooms and suites (95% with balcony)


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