Thursday, September 29, 2011

German Cruise Operator AIDA To Utilize Shoreside Power in Hamburg

The leading German cruise company AIDA Cruises is looking for the best solution for shoreside power supply for cruise ships together with the City of Hamburg.

We will provide all our know-how and will offer active support with the development and the application of especially environment-friendly power supply for cruise ships in ports, says AIDA President Michael Thamm.

The fleet of the Rostock based cruise company is already prepared for retrofitting with shoreside power supplies. For the environment-friendly supply with shoreside power it is imminent, that the power is generated more efficient and cleaner than with the top-modern facilities onboard the AIDA ships. AIDA Cruises offers experts from their company that will advise the City of Hamburg in all technical matters free of charge and to see the project through to operability. The port of Hamburg can become a role model for the development of the best shoreside power concepts in Europe, says Michael Thamm.

AIDA Cruises leads the way and plans the installation of dual fuel motors

Sustainability determines all daily operations of AIDA Cruises. As the German market leader in the cruise segment, we very much feel obliged to the sustainable protection of the environment, says Thamm. Although the eight AIDA ships already are the most modern and youngest worldwide, the ship engineers in Rostock were able to further reduce the energy consumption from year to year. Since 2007, the fuel consumption per guest and day could be reduced by 18.2 per cent.

The market leader intends to stay on top of future technical developments. AIDA is involved in research projects as the initiative from the German governmente4ships for the development of fuel cells on cruise ships.

In the next generation of ships, AIDA is planning to install dual fuel motors which can be operated with both marine diesel and liquid gas.

All environmental actions of the cruise company are documented in the annually published sustainability report AIDA cares, which can be downloaded from the internet at

Rostock, 27th September 2011


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