Friday, August 12, 2011

Phoenix Reisen Ships Rendezvous In Bremenhaven

On August 1, 2011, it finally happened. All three cruise ships of Phoenix Reisen , the MS Amadea, MS Artania and MS Albatros, arrived together for the first time in Bremerhaven, Germany. At the Columbus Cruise Center, nearly 5,500 guests and arriving and sailing passengers, along with 700 day visitors came to celebrate the occasion. The MS Amadea and MS Albatros returned from a 17 day Spitzbergen cruise and MS Artania returned form an 18 day Canary Island cruise. That evening, the MS Amadea set sail for a 17 day Canary Island cruise while the MS Artania left for the beautiful Baltic Sea.. Guests on board the MS Albatross set sail for a 24 day excursion to Greenland. All three cruise ships will be together again in Bremerhaven on September 11, 2011. --------------------------------------------------------------------

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