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Aida Cruises New AidaSol Amenities

AIDA Cruises Caters Mostly to German Speaking Passengers.

AIDA Cruises is commissioning its eighth Club Ship next year: AIDAsol will be christened at a ceremony in Kiel on 9 April 2011 and then set course on its maiden voyage to Northern Europe.

With a GRT of 71,100, AIDAsol provides ample space for new attractions, fresh designs and innovative ideas: e.g. the audience can now watch a selection of the latest cinema blockbusters in 3D in the Cinemare movie theatre in addition to computer-animated short movies. Moving lounge chairs, water-spray and air-movement jets, artificially generated odors, as well as the ingenious sound system give the audience the impression of being involved in the plot of the movie.

The interior design of AIDAsol is characterized by rooms flooded with light and worlds of Mediterranean colors, including the combination of blue and white. The walls of the Theatrium, the heart of the ship, are decorated with bright wooden profiles and classic silver leaf. Honey-colored Belinga parquet and tiles in a modern, fresh green form the figure of a neutron on the floor in front of the moving stage. The two staircases over 40 meters high also display a spectacular design. The front staircase is formed using different size metal plates floodlit with colored light, producing an interesting 3D effect. The rear staircase presents a three-dimensional pattern with depth effect which, with its irregular sections in the form of spherical triangles, is reminiscent of the designer, Panton.

The largest fitness and wellness facility of any cruise ship in the world covers an area of 2,602 square meters and also offers visitors a Mediterranean flair. Mural paintings in different shades of blue on white-painted walls, classic sculptures, decorative tile mosaics, large amphorae and elaborately draped fabrics give the visitor the impression of being on a Greek island. In the Wellness Oasis, designed as an island landscape with an adjoining conservatory, guests can relax under a six meter high olive tree. A special highlight is the roof of the glass patio spanning the oasis, which can be opened in fine weather. In 14 cabins, the Spa Team pampers the guests with a wide variety of wellness applications. An exclusive Wellness Suite with its own sauna, heated water bed, Jacuzzi and separate balcony invites guests to enjoy individual relaxation with an ocean view. In the generous sauna facility, which is open to the sea through large panoramic windows, guests can enjoy a view stretching to the horizon. The generous Body & Soul Sport Area is available for sports enthusiasts.

The culinary desires of the guests are satisfied by seven restaurants on board AIDAsol. The Bella Donna Restaurant offers delicacies from all the regions of Italy while, in the stylish East Restaurant, guests can undertake a gourmet journey through Asia. The California Grill presents fresh burger and wrap creations, grilled steaks and crispy salads virtually around the clock. Imaginatively decorated stalls with exotic fruit and vegetables, juicy ham and cold meat specialties, as well as around eighty different types of cheese tempt guests to stop and enjoy a delicious meal at the Market Restaurant, where the dishes are prepared fresh on the spot before your very eyes. The finest varieties of fish come straight out of the ship’s own smokehouse with its glass smoking oven chamber, something that is only available on AIDA’s new ships.

In the Brewery Bar, beer is brewed from purified sea water, with the freshly tapped beers accompanied by hearty, nourishing dishes. Guests can also enjoy outstanding à la carte service in the Rossini, Buffalo Steak House and Sushi Bar restaurants, which meet the highest gourmet standards.

AIDAsol has a total of twelve bars serving refreshments of all types. The bar menu on board contains 270 different drinks. The typical star-shaped AIDA Bar is designed in sensuous shades of purple and orange on AIDAsol. The Vinothek, the ship’s own Distillery Bar and the Sol Bar invite guests to sit and enjoy fine wines and delectable long drinks. The Pier 3 Bar, located on Deck 3 near the gates to the tender boats, is decorated with Mediterranean trompe-l’œil paintings. There, guests can enjoy the view of each new port on the balconies folding out to the pier. Café Mare offers superb coffee and chocolate creations. The Beach Bar invites passengers to spend some relaxing time under the airy fabric canopies, while the Anytime Bar offers a magnificent view of the ocean through the open glass façades. At the Pool Bar, guests can savor cool drinks after sunbathing on deck. The range of bars is completed by the classic Time Out Bar in the Theatrium and the Body & Soul Spa Bar in the Wellness area.

The cabins on AIDAsol are designed in bright colors and natural materials. Interacting with the fabrics and carpets inspired by nature, they contribute towards an individual and unforgettable holiday experience. Impressionistic works by photographers Thomas Zika and Patrick Brandt complement the interior. Works by other internationally renowned artists such as Tim Davies, Feliks Büttner, Robert Nippoldt and Malte Brekenfeld decorate the Bella Donna Restaurant and the 18 Suites on board, while paintings by the New York artist, James Rizzi, can be seen in the 5 Spa Suites. A further highlight among the large number of works of art on board can be found on the sun deck, where the famous sculptor and concept artist, Otmar Hörl, has installed to sculptures under the title of “Weltanschauung Model”. A life-size man looks through binoculars, directing his view towards the “particularities of the normal”.

Passenger cabins: 1,097 in total, including 18 Suites, 24 – 87 m2, 5 Spa Suites, 28 - 54 m2, 453 Balcony Cabins, 14.5 - 23 m2, 34 Spa Balcony Cabins, 20 - 23 m2, 212 Outside Cabins 14 – 16.5 m2 and 375 Inside Cabins 13.5 m2.

Combined area of restaurants: 4,323 m²

Combined area of sun decks: 6,620 m²

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