Saturday, June 12, 2010

Luxury Operator Crystal Cruises Unique Recycling Program

Luxury specialist Crystal Cruises has partnered with Clean the World to recycle Crystal's unused onboard soap and shampoos and distribute them to impoverished people around the world. Through a proprietary purification process, Clean the World sterilizes and repackages hygiene products donated by Crystal Cruises and dozens of hotel partners in the U.S. for distribution to charitable foundations. On cruises calling in U.S. ports, Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity will donate all partially used hygiene products to the organization for sanitization at its Florida headquarters.

"In addition to our own recycling efforts and numerous other charitable initiatives, we are very pleased to partner with Clean the World and provide supplies to those in need," says Bill Boehm, Crystal's director of safety, environment and training. "By donating our soap and contributing to their operational costs, we're not only supporting Clean the World's life-saving mission, but also helping to keep these products out of landfills and preserve the environment."

Each year, millions of deaths result from communicable illnesses that could be prevented with proper hygiene, sometimes as simple as hand washing. Among more than a dozen charitable recipients of the soaps recycled by Clean the World are World Vision and Floating Doctors, operating in developing countries to educate on and prevent disease, as well as provide disaster relief and medical treatment. In 2009, Clean the World distributed more than 230 tons of hygiene products to countries worldwide including Haiti, Mexico, Romania and other countries in Asia and Africa.

Crystal's dedication to shipboard and shoreside awareness of respectful treatment of the environment has earned its ships accolades from around the world. Its fleet adheres to strict Crystal Clean environmental initiatives and achieved certification for ISO 14001, only awarded to companies that meet comprehensive and stringent criteria. Most recently, Crystal Serenity was awarded the Venice Blue Flag environmental award and Crystal Symphony was recognized with Stockholm's Environmental Buoy Diploma for their earth-friendly practices.

Among Crystal's numerous charitable efforts is its founding partnership with Condé Nast Traveler's Five & Alive Fund, which provides health education and life-saving treatments for children five and under around the world.


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