Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Silver Spirit 2011 World Cruise Guest Speakers

(March 22, 2010) The world's newest ultra-luxury, all-suite cruise ship, Silver Spirit, will take to the seas next January on a 119-day eastbound World Cruise traversing both hemispheres from Los Angeles to Southampton. To complement such an extraordinary odyssey, Silversea is lining up an impressive array of distinguished speakers.

Among those already tapped to host enriching presentations are:

Dan Rather: The Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist who anchored the CBS Evening News for 24 years, and contributed to CBS' 60 Minutes and other prime-time news programs, will host Voyage 5107, March 22 - April 3, Hong Kong - Singapore.

Robert Lacey: The British historian and biographer, whose numerous international bestsellers include Majesty, considered the definitive study of British monarchy, is slated to host Voyage 5110, May 3 - 19, Athens - Southampton.

Zahi Hawass: The world-famous Egyptologist and secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Cairo will host Voyage 5109, April 18 - May 3, Dubai - Athens.

Bruce Riedel: A senior fellow in foreign policy at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy of the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C., former C.I.A. analyst, counter-terrorism expert and author is slated to host Voyage 5110, May 3 - 10, Athens - Southampton.

Geoffrey Blainey: The eminent Australian historian, commentator and author of numerous books, including his highly acclaimed A Short History of the World, will host Voyage 5105, February 12 - March 1, Auckland - Sydney.

Lawrence Blair: The writer, host and co-producer of the Emmy Award-nominated BBC/PBS adventure series Ring of Fire, tracing a ten-year epic journey across the Indonesian archipelago, will host Voyage 5106, March 1 - 22, Sydney - Hong Kong.

Caroline Boyle-Turner: The world-renowned art historian, author of several books and founder of the Pont-Aven School of Contemporary Art will host Voyage 5103, January 20 - February 1, Los Angeles - Papeete.

George Losey: A professor of zoology and marine biology at the University of Hawaii, who has studied the behavior and ecology of marine animals throughout the world, will host Voyage 5103, January 20 - February 1, Los Angeles - Papeete.

Mark Eddowes: The New Zealand archaeologist who has lived in the Society Islands for over 20 years, doing field work throughout Polynesia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Easter Island and the Cook Islands, will host Voyages 5103 - 5104, January 20 - February 12, Los Angeles to Auckland.

John Hartley: The retired Australian major general, a graduate of Duntroon's Royal Military College, the University of Queensland and the U.S. Army War College, will host Voyage 5106, March 1 - 22, Sydney - Hong Kong.

Denise Heywood: The author, journalist, photographer, fellow with the Royal Geographical Society, and lecturer for the British Museum on their Asian Art course, will host Voyages 5106 - 5107, March 1 - April 3, Sydney - Singapore.

Scott Pearson: The recipient of a Ph.D. in economics from Harvard University, who taught economic development and international trade at Stanford University, winning several awards for his research and teaching, will host Voyages 5108 - 5109, April 3 - May 3, Singapore - Athens.

Lyn Farmer: The widely published wine and food writer and senior editor of The Wine News magazine, who has been honored with the James Beard Foundation Award for Best Writing on Wine and Spirits, will host Voyage 5105, February 12 - March 1, Auckland - Sydney.

Rosanne Martorella: The professor of sociology at William Paterson University and author of several books on art and society will host Voyage 5110, May 3 - 10, Athens - Southampton.

"The enrichment program is an integral part of our World Cruise experience and is designed to appeal to luxury travel's most discerning clientele," said Steve Tucker, Silversea's vice president of field sales for North America. "We scoured the globe to find fascinating personalities and some of the most distinguished and stimulating speakers. Engaging experts from an array of fields will be on hand to share their talents and perspectives."

This grandest of voyages, appropriately themed "Spirit of Discovery," begins in Los Angeles on January 19, when Silver Spirit is set to welcome no more than 540 privileged guests for a 119-day odyssey exploring 60 destinations in 25 countries -- with 11 overnight port visits -- before concluding in Southampton on May 19. Along the journey, Silver Spirit will take in the tranquillity of French Polynesia, Australia's untamed landscapes, the unique customs and cultures of Asia, ancient Egyptian wonders and timeless Mediterranean hideaways spanning from Italy and Monaco to Spain and Portugal.

Silversea Cruises is recognized as an innovator in the luxury segment, offering guests large-ship amenities aboard its intimate, all-suite vessels: Silver Cloud, Silver Wind, Silver Shadow, Silver Whisper and Silver Spirit -- all designed to offer an atmosphere of conviviality and casual elegance. With the inclusion of the regal expedition ship Prince Albert II, the company's itineraries encompass all seven continents.

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