Saturday, May 28, 2011

United Caribbean Lines Sets Eyes on Tampa - Havana Sailing

A new Havana, Cuba to Tampa Ferry service is under consideration. Spear headed by the cruise executive veteran Bruce Nierenberg, the new service is expected to cater to Cuban Americans wanting to travel home and bring goods to friends and family.

With new US government ruling, in addition to the 400,000 passengers that traveled to Cuba on flights last year, new rulings allow licenses for religious, academic and journalists.

The initial service will be from Tampa to Havana Cuba utilizing a European Ferry capable of carrying 2,000 passengers. Amenities will include restaurants, theater, cabins, lounges and entertainment. In addition to the cabin accomodations, there are also airline style seats that can be reserved at a reduced rate.

Included in the cruise fare is the meals, entertainment, movies and passage, Extras are beverages and purchases in the gift shop.

The overnight sailing is expected to take 18 hours.

Expected to operate under the banner of United Caribbean Lines, the approval is still being evaluated by the US Treasury Department.


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