Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Carnival Magic Offers a Number of Firsts to the Carnival Fleet

Carnival Cruise Line has just introduced the new Carnival Magic. The ship features a number of firsts for the cruise line including the new SportSquare. The SportSquare is an outdoor recreation areas which consists of the SkyCourse - a 230 foot rope course suspended above the deck. The SkyCourse proved very popular during the ship's introduction and can handle over 1,400 people per day.

The second area on the Carnival Magic is the SkyCourt which provides a large screened in area where passengers can play basketball, volleyball or football. On-board the Carnival Magic, passengers can play during free time play or take part in orchestrated completions.

There also is the SkyFit which is an outdoor weight training area and miniature golf course.

The WaterWorks Area on the Carnival Magic is also a family favorite with it's PowerDrencher. This mini outdoor water-park has an over sized bucket that can hold 300 gallons of water and tips over on bathers below every few minutes. The kids were having a blast.

For those looking for an inside activity, there is Carnival's first Pub at sea - the Red Frog Pub. The Pub is exclusive to the Carnival Magic. The Red Frog has a Caribbean theme and has it own signature beer - the Thirsty Frog Red Beer. In the spirit of the finest pubs found around the world, passengers are able to play darts, checkers and chess. The food in the Red Frog Pub is available at an extra fee.

The Carnival Magic has a new specialty restaurant on-board - the Cucina del Capitano- which offers Italian Specialties served family style.

The Carnival Magic brings many new experiences to cruise passengers and if successful, we may see these features retrofitted on other ships in the fleet.


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