Thursday, November 5, 2009

SeaDream Passengers Take a Dip in the Atlantic.

What do guests aboard a SeaDream Yacht Club transatlantic crossing do on a beautiful, calm day at latitude 26 degrees, 28 minutes- longitude 39 degrees 40 minutes, 958 nautical miles from the Azores and 1541 nautical miles from their destination, San Juan Puerto Rico?

Why, take a swim in the Atlantic Ocean of course.

SeaDream II’s Captain Terje Willasen monitored Atlantic sea conditions each day after departing Seville, Spain on October 10. “Guests had been telling me they would like to take a swim in the Atlantic and at dawn on Thursday October 15, I knew that this was the day. The seas were as still as a pond.”

Under the close supervision of staffers, guests who wished to were invited to take a dip in the Atlantic from the SeaDream II’s stern Marina and bobbed about in the blue sea.

Later, in a special ceremony, the Captain awarded his Atlantic swim team a “Certificate of Accomplishment” to highlight the feat. “It’s just an example, of SeaDream Yacht Club going the extra mile---in this case the extra nautical mile in mid-Atlantic,” the Captain said.

Certainly SeaDream II’s transatlantic guests had other diversions during the 10-day voyages from Seville, Spain to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Among them award-winning gourmet dining, yoga, tai chi, spa treatments, long walks on open decks, the pleasure of good books and good conversation, a series of interesting lectures---and even, an occasional swim in the yacht’s onboard swimming pool.

The mega-yacht cruiser SeaDream II and her twin SeaDream I have only 56 accommodations for lucky guests and just about a one-to-one ratio of crew to passengers.


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